9 Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in India (2021)

A smartwatch, the word we all are familiar with at this point. But if you do not know what it means, A smartwatch is like a wearable computer on the wrist.

They are like smartphones – they use a touchscreen that allows the user to interact with the device, they got applications.

They also, in addition to many features record your vitals such as heart rate, oxygen levels (which has now been especially useful in the times of covid.), and even the steps you have walked and the distance you have covered.

With the functionality, convenience, portability, and a ton of interesting features these smartwatches offer, they have created a lot of hype surrounding their name, but let me tell you, they are not cheap, and why would they be cheap? These are literal tiny computers worn on the wrist.

Even putting the design together costs companies a lot, and on top of that, the features that they must add to compete in the market just keeps on adding to the cost of these smartwatches.

Do not get it wrong though, a lot of these expensive watches offer even more luxury and features, but we all do not need them.

Some of us only need a smartwatch that has got the features, got the brand name, and assures that it looks amazing when we wear them.

Which is the Best Smartwatch Under 2000?

We are here to help you with the smartwatches that come under the category of “less money, more features.”

We would look at many factors that you should consider while buying a smartwatch, such as the price of the watch, features it offers, product design, etc.

Mind they are not in any order, you could easily go with the one you prefer more, and in last we would also provide you with “Mowatch’s Certified Recommendation.”

1. Fastrack Reflex 2.0

Our first entry comes for best smartwatch under 2000 from the company Fastrack, which according to them, is the “independent urban youth brand.”

With the Fastrack Reflex 2.0, the company has been able to prove that as well.

Fastrack reflex 2.0 starts in India from 1,195Rs. It is a stylish and sporty-looking smartwatch that is currently available on Amazon in Electric Blue and Neon Green colour.

The features that the Reflex 2.0 offers are-

  • The smartwatch is compatible with Android OS as well as IOS.
  • It connects to the smartphone via the Reflex application.
  • Battery life lasts about 10 days.
  • A sporty-looking rectangular curved design.
  • It is Bluetooth v4.0 compatible.
  • IP certified IP6X water-resistant and dust resistant.
  • The smartwatch also offers activity tracking features like calorie intake and burned distance and steps tracker and tracks your sleep quality.  Also provides you notifications from your smartphone.

Pros of Reflex 2.0 are –

  • The battery life of the smartwatch is good. Offering up to 10 days on a single charge.
  • It is a good smartwatch with basic useful features and most importantly with a particularly good value for money.

Cons of Reflex 2.0 are –

  • The watch supports an OLED display, which, unfortunately, is quite average.
  • The watch comes in horizontal orientation, which can make it hard for some users to read.
  • Daylight visibility is not good.
  • Band also feels bulky.

2. Pebble Impulse

Pebble Impulse best smartwatch under 2000

The next best smartwatch under 2000 on the list comes from the Indian company, Pebble, knows as The Pebble Impulse.

The watch somewhat looks like an Application Watch, with a squarish design. It is currently available on Amazon for 1,700rs.

Feature of Pebble Impulse are – 

  • The smartwatch is compatible with Android OS as well as IOS.
  • It comes with Bluetooth v5.0
  • The battery lasts about 7 days or more.
  • The watch comes in black colour with a square-shaped dial which is touch-enabled for the user interface.
  • It comes with IP67 Waterproofing.
  • Pairs to the smartphone using Lewfun application.
  • It is also a fitness tracker; it monitors your Blood pressure, sleep, Oxygen levels in blood, Continuous heart rate, and much more.
  • Smart notifications from your smartphone.
  • Also comes with a smart alarm that gradually wakes you up by vibrating.

 Pros of Pebble Impulse are – 

  • Premium 1.3-inch OLED display with good viewing angles and daylight legibility.
  • The wristbands of the watch are made from high-quality silicone.

Cons of the Pebble Impulse are –

  • Tracking of the watch is not the best in the segment and could be better.
  • Navigations options on the watch are not good as well.

3. Gionee Watch

Gionee Watch 5 best smartwatch under 2000

Gionee has come up with a smartwatch of their own known as The Gionee Watch 5.

The watch comes with all the necessary features and a sleek design, with most importantly, an affordable price.

The watch comes in 3 colours, Black, Blue, and Grey, and is live on sale on Flipkart for 2,000rs.

 The Features Gionee Watch 5 comes with are- 

  • Gionee Watch 5 is compatible with both Android and IOS.
  • The watch comes with Bluetooth v4.0.
  • The battery of the watch lasts about 5 days with 2 hours of charge time.
  • Connects to the smartphone via the G Buddy application.
  • Gionee watch 5 comes in a rectangular-shaped 1.3-inch IPS LCD, and it uses a touchscreen as the user interface.
  • Watch is IP68 water-resistant.
  • Tracks your calories, steps, and important vitals such as Heart rate, Blood pressure, and Blood oxygen.

Pros of Gionee Watch 5 are- 

  • You can use the smartwatch to control your smartphone’s regular functions such as a camera and can also get notifications straight on the watch.
  • According to the users, the watch is extremely useful in daily life.
  • Watch gives out an excellent performance.

 Cons of Gionee Watch 5 are –

  • The built quality of the watch is not good due to most of it being plastic.

4. Syska SW100-BK

Syska SW100 BK best smartwatch under 2000

Syska, after being into the industry of smart bulbs, has now come up with a smartwatch known as the Syska SW100-BK.

Sure, the name seems to be heavy on the mouth to refer to it as The SW100.

Another best smartwatch under 2000 looks remarkably interesting on paper and eyes coming in 3 different colours, Black, Gold, and Blue. With the price of just 1,699rs. You can find the smartwatch on Flipkart.

The features SW100 comes with are – 

  • Android OS and IOS compatibility.
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • The watch comes with a battery backup of 15 days and charges fully in 2.5 hours.
  • Water-resistant up to 1.5 meters and IP68 water-resistant.
  • 1.3 inches large screen.
  • Real-time activity tracker with a heart rate and sleep monitor.
  • 5 different types of watch faces.
  • Users can sync and pair the watch with their smartphones using the Syska Fit Application.

 Pros of SW100 are – 

  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • The design of the watch is comfortable
  • Customizability options from straps to watch faces to the background of the watch.

Cons of SW100 are –

  • No touch controls; instead, it comes with a single touch button to interact with the watch.
  • Limited watch faces.
  • Notifications keep on vibrating until you press the given home button on the watch; this issue could be annoying for some users.

5. MI Band 3

MI Band 3 best smartwatch under 2000

The other best smartwatch under 2000 is by Xiaomi comes in next. Xiaomi has been offering a range of products, and with their Mi Band 3, they have not been disappointed either.

The watch comes at a very affordable price of 1,399rs. In the Black colour option but Xiaomi does seem to provide various strap options as well. You can find the watch on Amazon.

 Features of Mi Band 3 are – 

  • The watch is compatible with Android OS as well as the IOS.
  • It comes with Bluetooth v4.2
  • The watch does have a curved OLED, digital display, and it has a capsule-shaped sporty design.
  • Uses the Mi Fit application as a companion for the watch.
  • The battery life of the watch lasts up to 20 days, and it charges via USB.
  • Mi Band 3 is 5ATM water-resistant and scratch-resistant on the glass.
  • The watch comes with various useful features such as an Alarm clock, Reminders, and A stopwatch.
  • It also acts as an activity tracker with tracking your vitals and distance, steps taken, and hours slept.
  • The smartwatch gets notifications from your smartphone as well.
  • NFC supported as well.

Pros of Mi band 3 are –

  • NFC support makes it easier to pair with the phone with even more speed.
  • A surprisingly good battery life.
  • The design on the watch also looks sturdy and sporty.

Cons of Mi band 3 are – 

  • The band is difficult to pop out from the strap itself.
  • The watch comes with no GPS.
  • Heart rate is temperamental.

6. Noise ColorFit Fitness Band

Noise ColorFit Fitness Band best smartwatch under 2000

The personal accessories company Noise launched The Noise ColorFit Fitness band, which comes with interesting features that we would look into in a few seconds.

The band comes in a stylish and sleek-looking Blue colour with a price tag of just 2,089rs. and is currently available on Flipkart.

Features of Noise ColorFit are – 

  • It is compatible with Android OS and IOS.
  • It is Bluetooth v4.1.
  • The band is IP67 water and dust resistant.
  • Battery life lasts to 3 days, which is average.
  • Connects to The Da Fit Application on your smartphone.
  • ColorFit comes with a rectangular-shaped dial. Display it offers is an LCD
  • The band comes with activity tracking features such as Calories burned, distance covered, Sleep tracking, and step counter.
  • It also records vitals such as Heart rate, Blood Pressure, and SPO2 monitor.

Pros of Noise ColorFit are –

  • The design is somewhat unique and trendy.
  • Smooth touchscreen.

Cons of NoiseColor Fit are –

  • Limited watch faces.
  • Poor quality Silicone strap.
  • Tiny 0.96-inch display.

7. Mi Band HRX edition

Mi Band HRX edition best smartwatch under 2000

Xiaomi once again has made its way back into the list of best smartwatch under 2000 with the help of Hritik Roshan and the amazing collaboration they did for the watch named Mi Band HRX Edition. 

Coming in a classy Black colour, the watch resembles Mi band 2.

It goes on sale for about 1,699rs. currently, as we speak on Flipkart.

Features that Mi Band HRX offers are- 

  • The band is compatible with Android OS as well as IOS.
  • The watch does offer Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The battery life of the watch lasts up to 23 days on a single charge.
  • The watch comes with .42 inches of OLED touchscreen display in a rectangular capsule-shaped design.
  • Pairs to the smartphone using The Mi Fit Application.
  • IP67 water resistance and scratch-resistant on the glass of the display.
  • Watch gives you the information regarding Calories, distance covered, Sleep quality, and steps.
  • Also comes with an alarm clock and a stopwatch.

Pros of Mi Band HRX edition are – 

  • Outstanding battery backup.
  • Accurate sleep and steps tracking.
  • One of the most affordable watches on the market, with a ton of features out of the box.

Cons of Mi Band HRX edition are – 

  • The OLED display could have been better; it is not visibly clear in the daylight.
  • Comes with no heart rate sensor, so you cannot track your heart rate.
  • The application used to connect with the watch is a clutter too.

8. Zebronics ZEB-FIT920CH

Zebronics ZEB FIT920CH

After looking at the success of many other industry competitors, Zebronics has come up with a fitness band of their own known as the ZEB-FIT920CH; it is a hefty name so that we would refer to it as “Zeb-fit.”

The band that Zebronics offers comes in a Black and Red strap colour option in just 1,499rs. and is currently available on Amazon.

Features that the Zeb-Fit offers are –

  • Android OS and IOS compatible.
  • Supports Bluetooth v5.0
  • Battery life of 7 days.
  • Connects via ZEB-FIT 20 series Application.
  • The watch is water-resistant.
  • It features a 1.37-inch digital display with a square-shaped design on the watch.
  • Comes with vital trackers such as heart rate
  • Supports activity tracking as well, such as Calorie tracking, steps, distance covered, and sleep.

Pros of Zeb-Fit are – 

  • A good-looking design, one can easily mistake it for an Apple watch.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • The battery is decent.

Cons of Zeb-Fit are- 

  • Lack of any sort of sports mode.
  • Some glitches in the smartwatch-like notifications coming from your smartphone will not even show up sometimes.

9. Lenovo Spectra HX03F

Lenovo Spectra HX03F

The company is also known as the “Chinese giant” Lenovo has also been in the process of introducing a series of affordable products, and The Spectra HX03F is no exception.

Coming in Black colour and just in 1,600rs. this watch would also make a list due to its stylish design and its affordability. This best smartwatch under 2000 is currently available on Amazon.

The features of Spectra HX03F are – 

  • It is compatible with Android OS as well as IOS.
  • Bluetooth v4.2 supported.
  • It has a rectangular-shaped flat design with changeable straps made from silicone.
  • The display is a 0.96 inches TFT screen.
  • The band connects to the smartphone via Lenovo Healthy Application.
  • It has a capacitive touchscreen.
  • The battery life the watch gives out is around 10 days.
  • IP68 water-resistant.
  • Activity tracking features such as Calories burned, distance covered, steps are taken, and sleep tracking is included.
  • Heart rate tracking is also there.
  • Also displays notifications from the smartphone.

Pros of Spectra HX03F are – 

  • Good quality silicone straps.
  • Colourful TFT display.
  • Solid battery backup offering.

Cons of Spectra HX03F are – 

  • The display is hard to read under bright sunlight.
  • A full-on touchscreen instead of the touch-sensitive button would have been good.
  • Good sleep tracking, but it is not exactly precise.

The Mowatch’s recommendation

“The Mowatch’s Certified recommendation” is Xiaomi Mi Band 3. 

Xiaomi has tapped into the industry and provides top-notch features and accuracy in this price segment. The battery life has also been excellent with this smartwatch.

They have taken things even further by providing a touchscreen in this price segment.

With a bright display and a sporty design, this smartwatch would be at the top of the line if we had to rank all the best smartwatches under 2000 Indian Rupees.

How do I choose a smartwatch?

With plenty of options on the market to buy the best smartwatch under 2000, you should always keep a few things in mind before buying a smartwatch, and these are:

1. Features of the smartwatch should match the features you are looking for and wanting.

2. Battery life plays an important role, too, as having a bad battery life would result in you frequently need to charge the watch.

3. The display and user interface should be good too.

4. You will be wearing the watch a lot, so the looks of the watch should match your preferences and style.

5. The watch should be able to sync with your smartphone flawlessly

6. It should be water-resistant

Is a smartwatch a waste of money?

A smartwatch would certainly not be a waste of money if you choose the correct one for yourself and utilize as many features as you could.

If you like a smartwatch and like how it looks and love the features that it offers, then you should go ahead and buy it.

Do smartwatches give off radiation?

No, it is a myth floating around in the industry. Smartwatches do emit radiation, but it is natural radiation.

Humans have now been tolerable to such radiations for a long time. So, no, this radiation is not harmful.

Mowatch’s Conclusion

Smartwatches have been seen to be making a growth curve since the 2010s in the market, which just goes to show their global market adoption.

Nowadays, plenty of people own and use a smartwatch in their daily lives, so what are you waiting for?

For now, you could get one for relatively cheap too, and now you can easily own one with “fewer prices and more features.”

Buy the best smartwatch under 2000 now from the various sites linked in the article.

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