15 Best Watch Under 10000 in India (2021 List)

Watches have reliably been signs of Class and Luxury things in India as they are assessed highly.

In any case, of late, in India, we see a design where organizations have started to expedite numerous budgetary arranged Smartwatches.

A watch isn’t just a thing, and it’s a fashion articulation that gives you a one-of-a-kind personality among the swarm of people.

And so here we have the Best Watch Under 10000 just for you.

The proper kind of Timekeeper gives you the correct sparkle in each piece of equipment you wear.

This is why indeed, the nearness of keen wearables like Smartwatches and Fitness Bands, individuals tend to wear classic Wristwatches fairly since their authentic look and feel.

But when it comes to costly or Premium Watches, choosing the correct watch gets to be more significant since there are so numerous things that you got to center on.

And any off-base choice or choice of a wrong watch can put you at an enormous misfortune which can be a colossal disappointment for anyone.

If you’re trying to find such premium-looking branded Best Men Watches beneath Rs 10,000, you’ll get 15 the Best Watch Under 10000 for Men that are accessible.

Which is the Best Watch Under 10000?

1. Casio Edifice

Casio Edifice best watch under 10000


Number one in the list of 15 Best Watch Under 10000 is Casio Edifice Watch is something just fine that works and is worth the value it came for; that’s the leading thing around it.

Looks good as well because it is masculine and is an eye-catcher. One of the finest timepieces you’ll be able to purchase in this cost run.

The timepiece is good-looking and stylish. It is premium quality.

This timepiece is suitable for both formal and accommodating occasions. An astounding quality timepiece that catches the eye.


  • Build quality is impressive and hard.
  • Analog hands are luminous and good for seeing at night.


  • Watch is quite heavy.
  • The dial is comparatively bigger than the strap width.

2. Fossil Chronograph Black Men Watch

Fossil Chronograph Black Men Watch FS4832 best watch under 10000


Fossil FS4832 is another Best Watch Under 10000 and comes in a wonderful dial and will surely turn heads your way.

It has a clock and stopwatch, which works tho=rough the buttons in it.

The off-white hands and adhere markers guarantee simple time reading.

Made of a stainless steel strap that’s secured by a one-touch 3-fold clasp locking framework and stainless steel case.

This timepiece is the foremost prescribed choice for formal clothing.


  • Chronograph display.
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters.


  • No luminous hands of the watch present.

3. Fossil Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Fossil Analog Black Dial Men's Watch FS5308 best watch under 10000


This multifunction timepiece has quartz development and chronograph show.

The stainless steel band, the width of which is 22 mm.

It is dark in color, and it includes a push-button clasp and has a stainless steel case.

It also comes in a savvy yellow-colored metal case that’s square.

This comes with a guarantee period of 2 years.


  • Chronograph.
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters.


  • The stainless steel strap is uncomfortable for long periods.

4. CASIO Edifice Analog Watch

CASIO EX522 (EFV 600CL 3AVUDF) Edifice Analog Watch best watch under 10000


EX522 Model is fueled with a quartz development with 100m water resistance profundity.

The best thing is the clock and is comfortable for formal meetings or other work attire wear.

The white hands with eye-catchy adhere markers guarantee simply in time reading.

The illuminated dial helps to see time at night too.

Secured by a mineral glass, the dial is secured with scratch-resistant and includes a water resistance profundity of up to 100 m.

This is one of the best watches that you can get for under Rs 10k.


  • Good build quality.
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters.


  • The dial size is small.

5. Fossil Chronograph Black Men Watch

Fossil Chronograph Black Men Watch FS4545 best watch under 10000


The Fossil FS4545 is another Best Watch Under 10000 and is a well-known timepiece in a super beautiful chronograph reading & dark color combination. This is best for daily use too.

The hands are shining so that you can see clearly at all times.

It has been made up of a calfskin strap and stainless steel case with exceptionally great built quality.


  • Good build quality, and sturdy.
  • Date display present in chronograph.


  • No backlit light present.
  • Weight is on the heavier side.

6. Casio Edifice Chronograph Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Casio Edifice Chronograph Blue Dial Men's Watch EFR 556PC 2AVUDF best watch under 10000


This analog timepiece is beyond any doubt to turn heads your way with its perfectly outlined blue dial.

The hands come in with pointers to ensure easy timekeeping.

Made of gum strap with a buckle clasp and case, this watch is the foremost suggested choice for all events.

It comes with a water resistance profundity of 100 m and a guarantee of 2 years which is a long time.


  • Modern design with a classy look.
  • Built quality is great.


  • The radium on the dial is not much visible.

7. Fossil Analog Off-White Men Watch

Fossil Analog Off White Men Watch BQ1007 best watch under 10000


This model highlights chronograph subdials with stopwatch use that the buttons can access besides the watch dial.

There’s a date show inset at 3 o’clock close to the Fossil symbol.

Made of premium quality calfskin with buckle clasp locking framework and stainless steel case. This show is a perfect choice for men.

It comes in a waterproof highlight with a water resistance profundity of 50 m and a case breadth of 42 mm. A culminating timepiece for casual events.


  • This watch is eye-catchy.
  • The clock is of good quality.


  • The glass is scratch-resistant.

8. Casio G-Shock Digital Brown Dial Men’s Watch

Casio-G Shock Digital Brown Dial Men's Watch GD 120CM 5DR best watch under 10000


A wonderful watch for any individual, looks are fairly shocking. A mineral glass covering ensured that it’s scratch-resistant.

The light-up show is idealized and is built well. It’s a great estimate and amazingly comfortable to wear for long periods.

The roughness of the watch is what you adore most, and you wear it each day. The case is made of smooth iron.

It is combined with a gum band that gives a smooth and comfortable fit around the wrist and doesn’t cause skin bothering.


  • Hard, sturdy look.
  • Backlight illumination available.


  • The watch strap is tough and uncomfortable.

9. Seiko 5 Analog Navy Dial Men’s Watch

Seiko 5 Analog Navy Dial_Men's Watch best watch under 10000


This Seiko Timepiece comes in a dull naval force blue dial with company branding that looks exceptionally exquisite.

The watch also has a dial estimate like other watches available.

It contains an excellent deep-blue dial-face with three basic hands, including a date and day show on the dial.

The time observation of minutes is fairly easy to read.

A clean and classic one, with a glossy blue dial, upgrades its appearance. The blue dial is covered by scratch-resistant glass.

The watch incorporates a sparkly stainless steel metallic case in a circular shape bezel.


  • Highly durable body.
  • Waterproof and dustproof.


  • The watch case is too big.
  • Screen not properly visible in daylight.

10. Armani’s Exchange Analogue Men’s Watch

Armani's Exchange Analogue Men's Watch best watch under 10000


This is often a perfect choice for your proper formal dress-up.

The timepiece features a plain three hands; moreover, the dial includes a date that appeared at the cleared out to the 3 Hours.

Although the dial estimate is enormous, this is best for those who lean toward greater dial watches.

This timepiece comes in a stainless steel circular case with a precious stone mineral dial glass security that prevents the dial from undesirable scratches.

This Armani Exchange watch comes in a calfskin band with a metal buckle that gives you a comfortable fitting to your hands.


  • Good building quality.
  • Big dial phase.


  • The leather strap needs some improvement.

11. Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch

Casio-G Shock Analog Digital Black Dial Men's Watch GBA 400 1A9DR best watch under 10000


This model incorporates a keen innovation that interfaces to your smartphone with Bluetooth work and lets you control different phone highlights.

For the men who can’t remain away from music, this demonstration from G’MIX can assist you to remain associated with music anyplace, anytime.

The two yellowish bolt buttons are utilized as controlling capacities to adjust the volume, alter the melody or change the sound trait with the assistance of an equalizer function.

Made up of gum strap with buckle clasp and tar case, this observation is a perfect choice for the men seeking out for best g shock observed beneath INR 10000.

The subdial planned at 9 o’clock tells you the current association status between the timepiece and your phone.


  • Powerfully built plan for music partners with eye-catchy highlights & color combination.
  • LED streak operation, airplane mode, Versatile interface, BlueTooth.


  • The strap could have been more comfortable.

12. Fossil Nate Analog Black Dial Unisex Watch

Fossil Nate Analog Black Dial Unisex Watch JR1354 best watch under 10000


The Fossil JR1354 is one of the finest premium-looking timepieces that completes your everyday casual dressing.

The dial and built quality are the most reasons for its notoriety.

Propelled by the vintage arrangement, this show highlights a dial that comes in roman numerals with appealing hands and chronograph subdials.


  • Perfect for a classy and top-notch look.
  • Analog and Chronograph display.


  • The dial is difficult to see at night.

13. Titan Regalia Chronograph Silver Dial Men’s Watch


This excellent Chronograph men’s timepiece comes with a silver dial with three plain hands comprising three sub-dials put at the 6th, 9th, and 12th-hour marker positions.

And Buttons on the side the settings for these subdials.

A precious stone mineral glass ensures the dial glass from all scratches.

The bezel of this observer is outlined in brilliant color, which looks like this observer as a Rolex.

It is made up of extremely non-scratchy stainless steel.

The strap is dual-tone brilliant and silver in color and includes a push-button clasp closure that guarantees exceptionally comfortable fitting on your wrist.

This will unquestionably make you stand out and appealing at whatever point you wear it on your wrist, whether you wear it to a commercial meet or a casual party.


  • Made with highly durable metal.
  • Eye-catchy watch face with a goldish bezel.


  • With time the color of the watch fades out due to oxidation.

14. Casio Edifice Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch

Casio Edifice Chronograph Black Dial Men's Watch best watch under 10000

Another is Casio EFR-566PB-1AVUDF may be a worth-prescribing watch that comes with an analog chronograph show and jaw-dropping dial with an eye-catchy color combination.

The strap is made of plastic with a buckle clasp locking system.

The dial is secured with a mineral glass that contains a scratch resistance highlight, a case distance across 43.2 mm, and a water resistance profundity of 100 m.


  • Attractive design & color combo.
  • Extremely good build quality.


  • The leather strap wears out with use.

The Mowatch’s Recommendation

As a course, the 15 Best Watch Under 10000 is as, however, in its most punctual stages and regardless of its various improvements.

Creating untouchable applications segregates the watch’s rivals and illustrates that the designing backing is there.

For me, the best watch among these is the Armani’s Exchange Watch because of its classy looks and out-of-the-world time accuracy.

Although the strap needs some improvements, it can be adjusted in future editions of the watch.

1. Is a Smartwatch a Waste of Money?

Smartwatches are certainly not a waste of money if you use them correctly.

Buying a smartwatch can keep you updated with the rest of the world with a simple hand wave.

You can also free up some load from your smartphones and get that important screen time away from it.

2. How to choose a Smartwatch?

A great smartwatch needs to be strong, so it’s used on your wrist, and it too needs to see great.

It sits on your wrist, so it needs to have a comfortable band that doesn’t seem like a toy.

Some smartwatches indeed come in several sizes, for men and ladies or those with smaller hands.

 3. Do Smartwatches give off Radiation?

Smartwatches transmit EMF radiation which is amazingly corrupting and hurtful.

The negative EMF radiation release from smartwatches can be greatly hurtful.

Employing a cover or a case can secure clients against such radiation.


We provided you the List of 15 Best Watch Under 10000 for the leading men’s timepieces beneath 10000 in India that are flexible in the sea and can be worn on various occasions.

We trust this article will assist you in selecting the culminating extravagance observed for yourself that suits you best.

If you’ve found this article supportive at that point, don’t disregard sharing it with your companions.

And, do let us know within the comment which one best extravagance observation you’ve got chosen to go with?

Till then, be safe and stay well.

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